Why Should Businesses Use Smartsheet?

Smartsheet task management plays an important role. Smartsheet is the modern take to traditional project management tools. This is a web-based project management tool that focuses more on the collaborative aspects of the processes and projects rather than the tasks and schedules. This web application is all the rage these days as more than 70,000 companies, including the US General Services Administration, Netflix, Google, and so much more, are already using the said application for their businesses. Let us get to know more about why businesses should make a switch to Smartsheet.

What is Smartsheet and Smartsheet Task Management?

Again, Smartsheet is a web-based application in use for project management, crowdsourcing, sales pipeline tracking needs, team task management, and more. It offers an innovative way for businesses regarding their processes and projects. What’s even more interesting is that Smartsheet is aimed to effectively combine user-friendly spreadsheets alongside visual timeline management, automated workflow capabilities, and collaborative sharing of files and discussions, thus making work so much easier and more convenient.

The main function of Smartsheet is planning, automating, tracking, and reporting on duty. It can be in completion by smartsheet task management. This top-billed software is in consideration high because of its online project management, collaboration, and file sharing features. In fact, many businesses are now using the application to track their inventories, finances, and schedule. Plus, it can handle different types of tasks like projects, programs, and core business operations. This web-based tool integrates into the world wide web’s top services which include Box, Salesforce, and Google Apps. Businesses now invest in cost-effective plans of Smartsheet task management, as the application has proven its wonders to the business sectors.

Benefits of Smartsheet Task Management

Smartsheet is a powerful tool for project management that offers directed solutions established on different factors. Here are some of the benefits that businesses could enjoy should they subscribe to the platform.

1. Team collaboration

Most likely this is what the application is in aim for. It is mainly to collaborate with other members, heads, or even clients to make the job more convenient. Thus, the planning and execution of your idea are present in a breeze, thanks to this web-based platform. Structuring and organizing workflows are updated with the use of rich context for the other members of the team and the whole enterprise. Thus, productivity killers such as back-and-forth emails, excessive meetings, and information silos will now be minimized or better yet diminished. Transparency with internal and external stakeholders are simplified to make sure that they got the most recent information from the right people at the right time.

Increase your team’s liability with unambiguous activity logs, thorough history, and shared views to verify who did the actions and when. The collaboration feature is compliant with the business’s needs. Hence, they guarantee that plans can be changed easily, and its dashboard can be modified to adjust to work changes right away

2. Real-time visibility

Smartsheet will allow you to receive real-time information. This lets the leaders and teams to formulate educated decisions about the business on time. The application has widget-driven dashboards and configurable reports that can be emphasized even without support from the technical team. And because the information is readily available, you can easily track and respond to trends right away. Plus, it also allows you to change priorities if deemed necessary.

This web-based platform also unifies cross-functional priorities with the use of live reports and connectors. It centralizes the different systems in the business such as engineering, finance, sales, IT, HR, etc. while giving protection to your shared information. Smartsheet will let you create a number of teams, without limits.

3. Pre-set applicable business process

Smartsheet lets you automate actions by means of simple rules. With this, you get to eliminate productivity killers, thus saving time in the process. This involves reminding your teams to give updates, pre-setting your recurring tasks, and receiving reminders with regard to outstanding projects and tasks. It also inhibits the team from being overseeing and extending deadlines for the completion of the tasks.

Data collection is now trouble-free, easier, and more accessible on various devices and platforms. The form builder of Smartsheet allows users to create customizable forms in an instant; plus, it guarantees that the data is well-organized, consistent, and free from errors. The collected data is structured in a way that can be easily viewed, thus letting you analyze and turn the information into applicable insights. Because it allows enterprise applications, your existing application can easily be sync in across the organization.

4. Drive work at scale

Smartsheet provides tools to guarantee that consistency will be met. By utilizing a standard set of components, the team can immediately make and prepare new operations and projects properly. Before starting out a new project, you can carry out approval workflows to make sure that the business is concentrating on the most critical part first.

The application also lets you include the best methods in every task. Plus, testing and iterating frequently keeps on you top of the dynamic work changes so that you can respond to them hastily.

5. Protect platform deployment

With Smartsheet you are confident that it is secure to revolutionize. It permits security, single sign-on capabilities, and user management for more effective project management with accessible administrative controls. End-users and administrators are given sharing approvals to help them protect their information while staying in control.

They can also access specific reports to see how the users retrieve, circulate, and publish information all over the platform. The combination of endless monitoring, user authentication, data encryption, and physical security ensures excellent protection, giving you peace of mind.

6. Work with integrations and apps

Smartsheet recognizes that no single platform could cater to all the needs of the business. Thus, they allow useful tools and apps to join the system to provide accurate solutions for your business needs. Integrations are offered to give mission-critical solutions to problems that could not be solved by the application itself. These integrations include Box, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, DocuSign, and so much more. This alliance urges productivity and efficiency without the need to switch apps. It also has connectors that spontaneously syncs your data with immediate information update.

To sum up, Smartsheet has proven its value with collaborative project management.   We hope that this article has somehow convince you to follow the footsteps of other 70,000 companies in choosing Smartsheets.


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