How Business Solutions Consultant Can Provide the Value of Good Documentation?

The business solutions consultant always provides you the right tips. Firstly, documentation is one of the most effective ways of communication. It plays a vital role in your success as good documentation ensures consistency and efficiency.

However, before getting into the tips for writing good documentation, let us focus on the importance of documentation.

Whether you are a working professional or student documentation makes things easy. Documentation helps to standardize the process so that everyone can follow the same guidelines and work in synchronization. With proper documentation, it takes less time to understand for a new person. If there is a new hire, documentation helps him to understand the working of an organization in a more concrete way.

Moreover, documentation also acts as a solid proof of work. Great documentation helps people take you more seriously and trust your work. It helps convey your ideas and acts as an effective means of communication.

Important Points To Keep Under Consideration From Business Solutions Consultant

If you are a beginner who wants to make your first document or a professional who wants to enhance the documents, here are a few tips from business solutions consultant that can help you make impressive documentation.

There are a few points that are to be kept in mind while preparing an effective document.

Also, the document prepared should be comprehensive and detailed enough for people to understand at once. It has to be crisp and clear.

The documents should always be written in a simplified manner so that they are easy to read. One should always keep his documents up-to-date. It makes the document accessible for another person to use it.

The documentation should be inviting. One should avoid making any assumptions while making a document and should also try to include examples (if possible).

Before making any document, you should be aware of the people using your documents. Two types of audiences use your documents: the users and the developers. Users are generally the people who do not care about the backend working and the developers are the people who want to contribute and improve the document.

Factors to Note

However, to make useful documentation, you should write effective headlines. Hence, writing headlines makes the document easy to navigate. The reader does not want to spend a lot of time reading the whole document. Therefore, they generally look for a piece of particular information. Dividing the document in headlines makes it easy for the reader to go to the relevant topic. tags provide the structure to the document and make it convenient for the user to jump to a specific section.

The document written should be easy to navigate. It should have a smooth flow and should be connected from start to end. Always try to avoid repetitions and confusion in your documentation. If you want to explain multiple complicated topics at the same time, try and link it further.

Before making the document, one should always know his audience. Do not consider them naive. Try and explain the deeper aspects of the project instead of the basics. Make use of good examples to make them understand better.

Tips From Business Solutions Consultant To Make Document Impressive

To make your document look impressive you should choose a style guide. A style guide contains a standardized format about the design and the tone of the document. Each organization has its style guide, which is followed by everyone within the Make Your Documents Impressive?

Style guides assist you to write a wide range of content like documenting the methods of an API, installation process, tutorials, manuals, an overview of policies and technical concepts, and many more. Style guides help maintain the consistency and flow of the content. It helps build your unique brand identity and make you stand out from the others. Having consistency in the content also improves your communication. It helps you to pass on to the information smoothly and more effectively.

Make use of the proper markdowns in your documents. It helps give a defined structure to your document. Using relevant images, the correct font, and style of the text make the document look visually appealing. If you want to include a list, try using bullet points or numbers.

If you have lengthy documents, it is always more useful to give them some structure, which you can do with headers. Do this with hashes (#). Using quotes (“) and asterisks (*) also give some structure to your document.

There are various writing tools recommendation from business solutions consultant available that can help make your document stand out.


Sphinx, a document generator, takes source files in plain text and helps the user to convert it into HTML. It converts text files in a reStructuredText format. This makes working a lot easier. Using inline markups and hyperlinks make the document look visually appealing and interactive.

API Documentation

API documentation works best when utilizing particular distinct dialects. Beneath we talk about a portion of our top picks and the ones we find suited the best.

API Blueprint is a significant level language for depict web APIs. The sentence structure is a mix of Markdown and MSON language structure and the records are spared with an .apib expansion. Markdown is a lightweight book designing punctuation. MSON is an expansion of Markdown for portraying information objects.

The objective of the API Blueprint group is to approve the plan’s first way of thinking for REST APIs, be that as it may, the configuration works similarly too for archiving existing APIs.

Apiary and Aglio are the two most famous tools for creating API Blueprints.

UX Writing

To create an effective document, it is very important to enhance the user experience. UX writing is all about using graphs, buttons, videos, and many more items that help the user to understand the document better. Also known as microcopy, UX writing is all about creating an interaction among the user and the product using the design as a highlight.

UX design helps enrich the content and make it more clear, consistent, and precise. Videos, podcasts, blogs, etc. make the content understandable and relatable.

These are the few tips if taken into consideration can significantly change your documentation process. It will help you create powerful and compelling documentation.


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