Smartsheet Data Archival

Are data sheet limits getting in your way but you still need to save your data for review later? Have you considered archiving your data? If so, we have the created a process to make this easier than ever before!

Here is how it works!

  • Specify the sheet(s) in which you want archived
  • Generate your custom token for calling the API and add it to the process
  • Run the script
  • Data is archived
  • You can optionally also delete the data from the sheets you are archiving

It’s that easy!

Our custom scripts include the following –

  • Directions on setting up these scripts including activating the virtual environment if you want to segment dependencies in your interpreter.
  • Details on what each line in the script is doing (so you can learn more about how to use the API).
  • A properties file which make it easy for changing your sheets and tokens over time.
  • Pretty logging to terminal so that you can see what is happening.

We also host processes and can schedule them for you for a monthly hosting and support cost.


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